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WHAT is Light House?

Project Light House aims to make homes in two UK Villages carbon neutral by 2012.  Our initial pilot project is aimed at 50 - 60 homes and our ultimate goal is reach over 3,000 homes within the next few years.  Project Light House does exactly what the name implies: it Lights your House using clean renewable energy.


Renewable EnergyWe will be installing two  Solar Panels (Photo Voltaic) on each roof, or on poles in the garden if that's appropriate. These PV panels  convert the sun's energy into electricity. That energy is stored in batteries for use at night.  An inverter converts the 12 volts from the batteries into useable 240 volt household current to power the house lights. 

There is no new house wiring needed, no maintenance to the batteries or equipment, and no change to the way your home's lights work or look.  The big difference is that your house lights will now be off-grid and you won't be paying an electric bill for their use.  And, of course, your home's lighting will be carbon-free!

Is That All?

Energy Monitor shows how much you spend on electricity every hour or every dayNo!  While we may take your lighting off-grid the rest of your home still needs electric power for other things - refrigerator, TV, cooker, washing machine, etc. So, we are also installing wireless electric monitors that tell you how much electricity the rest of your home is using from the national grid at any moment and how much that will cost you.  This is a proven way to help people cut their electric use. 

And, we are also including special remotely controlled sockets that allow you to turn OFF those 'standby' loads, like TV's and DVD players, whenever you are not using them.  Because these devices draw power 24 hours per day, they can add substantially to your home electricity costs and adds to your home's carbon footprint. 

Last, but not least, we will also do a complete household energy survey to help you identify other ways to save energy and lower your bills.  This will help you to weigh the benefits and costs of increasing insulation, eliminating drafts, and changng wasteful habits. In some cases, we may also be able to advise you about grants to pay for materials and labour.

CO2 Savings?

CO2 generation from Electricity Production MUST be Cut Significantly We expect electicity-based savings of 600 - 813 kg CO2 per site, or a total of 30-40 tonnes/year for all 50 sites in Phase I of the project.  However,  using other conservation/emission reduction methods and following recommendations published by the United Nations, we are developing practical techniques to make those 50 homes 100% carbon neutral.  Details of this part of the programme will be announced officially in September 2008.  If successful, Project Light House will demonstrate that communities with older housing stock can become carbon neutral quickly, without major expense or inconvenience.



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