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Our pilot Project is aimed at the villages of Histon and Impington in Cambridgeshire.  In our pilot (Phase I), we will install Light House systems in up to 50 homes in those two villages and in up to 10 additional homes outside the area.  The latter is designed to help spread the idea into other areas for Phase II.  By 2012, we expect to again become carbon neutral by re-converting the majority of homes in Histon and Impington to use renewable energy.  It must be remembered that for most of our history, these two villages were carbon neutral and living in balance with nature. 


Phase I of Project Light House is beginning in late July.  If all goes to schedule we expect to select and complete installations at all 50 sites by Christmas.  There are several organisations who will be partnering with us and we will announce details at our official launch in September.


Anyone in or near the villages of Histon and Impington will be eligible subject to certain requirements and conditions.  For example, we will need to make sure that you have a clear, unshadowed place to mount the solar panels. You will also be required to change your existing incandescent lamps to Energy Saving lamps.  If you are interested please contact us as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.  There's no obligation.  We will contact you with details and meet with you to answer your specific questions.  All of the installation work will be carried out by professionals to a high standard.


For those in our Phase I pilot programme the needed equipment will be funded by grants. Homeowners will have to replace any ordinary light bulbs with energy saving lamps at their own expense but that should be a very minimal cost. 


Yes, there's much more.  During Phase I of Project Light House we hope to gather the information and data we need to accelerate Phase II - the installation of over 3000 Light House systems in the Histon-Impington and surrounding areas. 

We understand that the biggest barrier to home use of renewable energy is cost .  We are doing two things to remove that barrier:  1. We are developing a renewable energy co-op to bulk buy products at a much reduced cost and 2. we are developing the financial ties that will provide either low or zero interest loans that can be paid back entirely with savings made from using the Light House system (typically 150-250 per year for the average home) while still leaving a handsome 'annual profit' for the home owner. 


View answers to questions and get additional details here.


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